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Let’s face it, employees often need that extra push to make it through the workday. Often, tasks begin to feel monotonous and employees are not motivated in the workplace. How can your foodservice operation boost morale? We get it, you’re on a budget so $100 gift card rewards aren’t in the cards. Luckily, we have some great tips to share that are budget-friendly and proven to boost employee morale.


Give Thanks


It sounds simple, and it is! Most employers do not take the time to actually thank their employees. For instance, one of your line cooks at the hospital picked up an extra shift when another employee was sick-- say thank you. A well-deserved pat on the back can go a long way and your employee will feel appreciated.


Value Family Time


Does your employee’s child have an upcoming birthday party? Maybe a relative is visiting from out of town? Instead of throwing company dinners where your employee’s families are invited, consider giving them the ability to take personal time so they can attend personal events and handle family obligations. According to human resources experts, company functions often feel like a burden to employees instead of a perk. Valuing family time will go a long way and boost the morale of your foodservice employees.


Involve Everyone


Employees often have a hard time speaking out about something negative in the workplace. Remember that good ol’ fashioned suggestion box from elementary school days? They are still relevant today! Even if you don’t run with all of the ideas, employees still feel like their voice is being heard in the workplace. Plus, they’ll also have a safe, anonymous place to share their concerns.




Who doesn’t love a good surprise? We know you can’t give your staff thousands of dollars in bonuses, but little surprises can go a long way. Notice that one of your employees is feeling down? Give a gift card to their favorite restaurant and encourage the employee to have a nice evening out. Find out what your employees enjoy outside of their day-to-day jobs and cater to these interests. Engage local businesses as they sometimes will give you gift cards to drum up business and to pay it forward. e.g. spas, hair, nails, bowling, etc...


Invest in Their Future


Does your line cook dream of becoming the head chef your hospital’s culinary program? Invest in your employee’s future by offering them training and development opportunities that are beneficial. You can foot the tuition bill or bring in experts to host courses that also fit your employee’s needs. These are energizing perks to your employees if you are investing in their future.


Reward Achievements


According to Bob Nelson, author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, cash rewards work best if they are given immediately after a major achievement. For example, does your employee have an upcoming food safety course? Reward them with something small (maybe a gift card to a local coffee shop?) after they complete the course. Small perks are nice when given after employees achieve a specific task or goal. A handwritten note with a small token can work wonders to let someone know you are grateful for their ability, loyalty, making a difference for that customer.


What do you do to make someone feel appreciated? Valued?


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